How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion Checklist and Examples

How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion Checklist and Examples

How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion Checklist and Examples

The model instructs the managers with the help of the leaders to educate the employees regarding adjusting to the new work practices and habits along with the potential use of new technologies. The third stage of the model is refreezing in which the organisational management and board of directors institutionalize the implemented changes based on the positive outcomes after monitoring and controlling. Integrating a feedback system for the employees is also crucial for the company as it has the opportunity to learn about the staff’s grievances and their perspectives on the organisational decisions. The company can also utilise the department’s deputy managers in specialised positions according to their skill set (Pugh, 2016). The organisation has the opportunity to make the employees understand the importance of change and influence them to accept company transportation to the new facility from Manchester. This is due to the organisational intention to close the facility at Manchester and shift the synthetic fibres plant at Stockport.

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As an essayist, it will be your responsibility to make sure that there are no spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation errors in the essay paper. In conclusion we can say that, the history of the Samurai has contributed too much towards the development of commerce industry in Japan. Today Japan is one of the biggest producers of automobile thanks to the Samurai ancient teachings. After clearly reading the rich history of the Samurai, so many of us get to learn that, religion is very significant in shaping the success of an individual, and that it calls for God’s intervention to attain what we desire in our lives. The formation of Samurai, also known as Bushi was aimed at providing wealth security to the feudal lords.

Technology Essay Conclusion / Conclusion of Technology (2023 Updated)

The Bhanas give a rather unnecessary exposition on the archival sources, historical background and conditions of Natal Indian indenture, not unlike the approach adopted in Surendra Bhana’s Indentured Emigrants. Similarly, the fifteen pages of appendices listing suicides derived from to the Protector’s Indian immigration annual reports and the authors’ own findings seems superfluous and unduly quantitative for this study.

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As such, the view of morality is twisted depending on an individual’s beliefs. The show shows the real picture of what is happening in most communities on the reality of life and morality. Morality is a concept that can differ from society to society, depending on what perceptions held by people in the community. For instance, an action that is deemed right in one community might not necessarily hold for another society (Travis 86).

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Whether technology has positive or negative impacts on education could be debated for very long, but the truth of the hour is that technology can change education for good. Technology helped us to progress, It transformed us from hunter-gatherers to the advanced human society of today. There are certain complications with the extensive use of technology, for sure. But all these problems can be solved with mutual cooperation, use of eco-friendly technology and moving towards long term sustainable development.

As the technology develops, many fear that it would lead to a time where machines and artificial intelligence would surpass human intelligence as their learning and evolving capabilities are much greater than us. Digital technology has given rise to a totally new set of problems – Cyber attacks, data leaks, cyber bullying, scams, fake news, social media addiction are some of the few.

Restate your thesis or research problem

The association is needed to recognize the issues with the advisor and hierarchical workers’ assistance by gathering information, framing the finding, and making moves for assortment. SWOT analysis is done to evaluate an organisation’s internal environment and competencies. Colmar Alpha Plastics SWOT analysis is done for identifying its internal strengths and weaknesses along with its external opportunities and threats. If the research you’re conducting is innovative, you may consider using less-popular research methods. You may even decide to create your own method that lies outside the realm of usual research practices in your field. In a situation like this, it’s important that you clarify your choice and explain how this unique method you’re working with contributes to the research. A case study analysis investigates a real-life case and you must examine the situation in detail and provide a detailed analysis.

A system for staff communication and feedback is also required in the firm and carrying greater involvement. The results of the primary importance incorporate the upgrade of occupation fulfilment of the representatives and improvement in their confidence and inspiration to work prompting better standards for dependability. The main driving forces of change in the association incorporate the bringing down of proficiency and execution of the general association alongside the high paces of turnover.

Expository Essay Outline

For example, ‘have been found to have extensive interconnectivity’ is graded to convey that many connections have been detailed in the evidence presented. Similarly, ‘Most successful execution of visual behaviours require the complex collaboration’ is graded carefully to convey meaning to the reader, derived from the evidence used. The sample displays many examples of controlled word choices that leave the reader in no doubt regarding the meaning they are to take from reading the piece. This concise, controlled, evidence-based and carefully considered writing is typical of that found in the science essays. Some studies within it follow a scientific method of quantitative data collection, whilst others are more qualitative, and others still are more theoretical. In the case of this extract it is about gendered effects in university applications. This is an inevitably complex area to write about, intersecting as it does with social class, economic status, social norms, cultural history, political policy…

  • There has been a major shift in the organisational and communication system from informal to highly formal.
  • Notice that you must cite your source whether you quote directly or paraphrase.
  • While you might assume your readers understand the subject you are writing about, you should not skip background information by assuming they will know it.
  • The PRINCE 2 methodology of the project and programme management states the reasons for mergers to be a reduction in risk, reduction of learning and focus on the project objectives (Hinde, 2018).
  • Every student at each level must have written essays before progressing to the next level, such as college.

However, this framework finds that the strength of that
relationship varies depending on the focus of affective commitment. Such
outcomes can be applied to other studies of commitment within and out-with higher

Expository Essay Structure

But there are connections beyond the city-region that are not mutually beneficially causing distorted economies in poor regions without their own vibrant cities (Jacobs 1984). This subsidiary-work creating simple supply regions (resource, agricultural and industrial) consists of work outside the city but which is dependent on the city; the latter is where the value of the work accrues. It is this subsidiary-work that is producing an increasingly polarised world. This is, of course, the hallowed home of the Motown sound – if you want to trace dance music in its modern context back to source, all roads lead to Detroit Michigan, Motortown, Motown. All the tribes were out in force, a multi-cultural melting pot of humanity, reflecting the city’s rich diversity. This is starkly illustrated by vast derelict areas once full of life and endeavour, but now unnervingly desolate, not to mention highly dangerous if you wander off the beaten track.

Conclusions may be optional in research articles where consolidation of the study and general implications are covered in the Discussion section. The researcher must collect and store data comprehensively and systematically.

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For the following tasks, you will be using an example introduction from one of the following three faculties. Indeed, the authors found that there were numerous anatomical cross-connections between the two pathways, most notably between inferior parietal and inferior temporal areas. For example, ventral regions TE and TEO have been found to have extensive connectivity with dorsal stream areas, demonstrating direct projections with areas including V3A, MT, MST, FST and LIP (Baizer et al., 1991; Disler et al., 1993).

conclusion for exploratory essay

This assignment will highlight a variety of values, attributes and behaviours a good nurse should have, focusing on courage in particular. Views of courage from political, professional, and social perspectives will be considered, alongside a comparison between the attribute courage and a student nurse’s abilities. This will be demonstrated using observations from practice, appropriate theorists conclusion for exploratory essay such as Sellman (2011), Lachman (2010) and philosophers including Aristotle and Ross (2011). The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) (2015) Code states that
a nurse must always put the care of patients first, be open and honest, and be empathic towards patients and their families. Consequently, there is a huge variation in the types of essays that can be found within the social sciences.

Change Management

This means that you must consider both sides of the argument, by present contrasting pieces of evidence. But ultimately, you must show why a particular set of evidence, or piece of information, is more valid for supporting your answer. Give a detailed examination of the topic by including knowledge of the various perspectives put forward by other scholars in relation to it. What are your thoughts on the subject based on the general debates in the literature? Remember to clearly state your position based on all the evidence you present.

The stakeholders include the organisational employees, the board of directors, customers and regulatory authorities (Hornstein, 2015). The organisation’s employees consisting of the staff previously employed by Alpha Plastics have been vocal about their resistance to change and remain elusive about accepting the new job roles and responsibilities.

Excellent case studies interpret data in ways that they make it easy to understand a problem hitherto complex. It allows the reader to question and examine the study and arrive at an understanding that the researcher was independence. The written report aims to convey to the reader a simplified experience of the issue that was once complex.

  • This subsidiary-work creating simple supply regions (resource, agricultural and industrial) consists of work outside the city but which is dependent on the city; the latter is where the value of the work accrues.
  • The third stage of the model is refreezing in which the organisational management and board of directors institutionalize the implemented changes based on the positive outcomes after monitoring and controlling.
  • A thesis statement outlines your argument and lists the main points of your essay.

A merger is classified as a major change in the business as it requires the organisation to alter its internal and external processes due to the unification of two companies into one new enterprise. Now that the contribution this work makes to scholarship has been assessed, the thesis
moves to its concluding thoughts, in which the implications of these scholarly contributions
for practice within higher education will be considered. Recommendations for future
research will be identified and reflections upon the strengths and weaknesses of the study
will be articulated. Finally the work will locate itself within the broader body of thinking
regarding the marketisation of higher education and the student experience within higher
education. Whereas prior to this study, numerous items were available for use or adaptation for
intention to emit positive word-of-mouth/advocacy intentions, this was not the case for
negative word-of-mouth intentions. This work seeks to contribute to scholarship, possible
measurement scales for negative word-of-mouth which have found to be reliable (Cronbach
alpha, 0) comprising five items. Such reliability is in line with the three item scale
developed by Blodgett and Hill (1997) with a Cronbach Alpha score of 0.

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